FIRST CHURCH KIDS (6th Grade & Younger): On Sunday Mornings at 9AM, we serve them breakfast. The children will be in the Sanctuary for the music portion of our Sunday Worship Services sitting with the Children’s Ministry or can sit with their family. Following the music portion, the children are then dismissed to the Children’s Wing on the North Side of our building. There they dive into ThinkOrange Curriculum and may sing songs, do crafts and/or activities, and listen/study the Bible through Biblically-sound curriculum. Children are not released from Children’s Church until their parents/guardians come and get them from the Children’s Wing. On Wednesday Nights at 6:30PM, First Church Kids runs very similarly to Sunday Mornings. They will be in the Children’s Wing the entire time where they’ll sing songs and dance, do crafts and/or activities, and listen/study the Bible through Biblically-sound curriculum by ThinkOrange. Children will not be released unless a parent comes and gets them from the Children’s Wing.

FIRST CHURCH STUDENTS (7th—12th Grade): On Sunday Mornings at 9AM, our Student Ministry gathers as a Small Group in the Main Building to share testimonies from the week, read through Scripture, and prepare themselves for corporate worship. On Sunday Nights, they gather for an evening of fellowship. The location varies from the Youth Building on the North Side of the building to people’s homes in the church to local parks. That location varies, but you can contact Pastor Cameron to get that information. On Wednesday Nights at 6:00PM, students gather at the Youth Building for games & fellowship, music, and reading/studying the Bible.

What should I wear?

We believe anyone and everyone is welcome into the church building. If you desire to come into the house of the Lord, we want you here and we want you to feel comfortable. God desires our hearts and not the clothing that we choose to wear.

How long do your weekly services last?

Our Sunday Morning Services vary each and every week. We desire for people to meet with the Lord and do not want to hinder His work by putting a time restraint of the Holy Spirit. We start our services at 10AM on Sunday and they, on average, last an hour-fifteen to an hour and a half. You are out of the church by noon on most occasions, but we love dwelling in His presence and allowing Him to move in our hearts. Following the service, you free to leave, but we would love for you to stick around and fellowship!

What style of music happens during your worship services?

Stylistically, we are contemporary, but that doesn’t dictate the songs that we sing. We desire that every song we sing brings God glory and is biblically and theologically sound. The songs that we sing, are built on the truth of the gospel. As it says in Ephesians 5:19, “[we are] singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs…and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” We desire for people to meet the Lord in our worship services and desire for God to be glorified through the songs that we sing no matter what the style is.